Gladney Center for Adoption


Our Heritage is Our Stability – For 125 years Gladney has been a pioneer and leading voice for improving the lives of children, adoptive families and birth parents.  With unwavering commitment, through good economic times and bad, we have focused on our mission and made a difference in the lives of birth parents, families and children here and around the world.

A Tradition of Trust – A genuine commitment to client service makes Gladney an exceptional adoption agency.  Our customized programs and services ensure that our families and birth parents are cared for through every step of that journey.  Gladney has a commitment to Family for Life.  We recognize that adoption is a lifelong journey, so we offer programs and support that extend far beyond placement.

For adoptive parents, we offer:

  • International and domestic adoption programs

  • A caring and experienced social work staff

  • Counseling and education about adoption

  • Thorough and knowledgeable legal services

  • Access to parent support groups nationwide

  • Openness and flexibility in the adoption process

  • Permanent maintenance of vital adoption records

  • Parenting education

  • Post adoption services

For birth mothers, we offer:

  • Openness and flexibility in the adoption process

  • A residential opportunity offering support through the adoption process

  • A community service caseworker who offers support through the adoption process while living at home

  • Private medical care

  • Individual, peer, and group counseling

  • Thorough legal services by staff attorneys experienced in adoption law

  • Educational opportunities through our school program and Career Development Program

  • Post adoption services

For birth fathers, we offer:

  • Access to adoption counselors

  • Access to our post adoption services

  • Input into the selection of adoptive parents

For adopted persons, we offer:

  • Comprehensive post adoption services

  • Counseling, education and campus tours

  • Maintenance of all adoption records

  • Sharing of information between adoptive parties, if requested

  • A mutual-consent voluntary registry, after age 18, when requested by both parties

We are a not-for-profit, licensed adoption agency.  Gladney is licensed to complete home studies for families in Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Texas.  As a leader in intercountry adoption, Gladney was among the first agencies accredited in the U.S. as a Hague-compliant adoption agency.  In all we do, Gladney is committed to creating bright futures around the world.