Pat Green Foundation Donates $5,000 to Majesty Outdoors

The mission of Majesty Outdoors is to expose “fatherless” teenagers to the majesty of God’s great outdoors, giving them a message of hope, trust, and the beauty of nature outside their normal environment.

Majesty Outdoors focuses on “fatherless” teens from across the country. These teens, both girls and boys, may be experiencing the absence of a father due to divorce, death, incarceration, etc. There are other teens that are technically “fatherless”, as their dads are serving our country abroad or their fathers have served and returned wounded physically, unable to take part with their sons or daughters in the outdoors. That’s why Majesty Outdoors is also partnering with the Military Warrior Support Foundation based in San Antonio, Texas. Majesty Outdoors is not based on “catch or kill”…but centers on a message of hope, trust and transformation. God’s brilliance through His splendid creation creates a relaxing and healing atmosphere for hurting teens. Majesty Outdoors purposes to capture this dynamic on tape. Fishing episodes shoot on the Gulf Coast, while hunting episodes are primarily in the South Texas/Hill Country regions.